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ABOUT US Since the establishment of the company in 1989, we have been striving to supply our clients with superior and reliable services without fail in the field of sheet component manufacturing. We engage a nearly unchanged team of highly qualified and experienced employees for many years. ISO Certificate: In order to meet customer requirements on a superior level, the company has been certified according to ISO 9002 in October 1998 and according to ISO 9001 in the year 2001, which has continued ever since. Last certification: ISO 9001:2008. SERVICES Basic services: Cutting of complex contoured sheet parts of normal steel sheet, acid-proof steel or aluminum using laser or water jet cutting technology. Cutting of other materials (Copper, Glass, Marble, etc.) and thicker plates using water jet cutting technology. We undertake accurate nibbling of precious parts using NC nibbling machines. NC edge-bending machine of accuracy, high-precision edge-bending of the parts . 3D models which are suitable for manufacturing. Complementary services: Individual pieces are undertaking orders. Welding, spot welding undertaken. Performing mechanical shears work. Undertake contract manufacturing. Delivery on request. What we could afford to: Precision, quality. Customer-focused administration. Competitive prices.
German - Hungarian Plate Machining Ltd.
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