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German-Hungarian Sheet Metal Fabrication Ltd.
A Stable Point .
The manufacture is based on DWD and DXF (AutoCAD 3D planning) format. If does not have one, our company undertake for their production the creation of plans, based on the following points: Technical drawing Draft Sample Personal consultation At planning must be taken the maximum size of the workable board and thickness of plate (ToP) Board Dimensions: In case of Laser cutting max.: 1500x3000 mm, Carbon-Steel ToP15 mm, Stainless-Steel ToP12 mm, Aluminum ToP8 mm In case of Water cutting max.: 2000x3000 mm, ToP 90 mm, irrespective of material quality. After a precise definition of the task our specialists make with a planner program from the semi-finished product a three-dimensional model. After verification and approval of the customer we manufacture every component and assembly those who need.