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ABOUT US Since the establishment of the company in 1989, our goal is to provide high quality, reliable and flexible services to our customers. We engage a group of highly skilled employees with years of field experience to fulfill the needs of our customers. ISO Certificate: In order to improve our services, the company acquired the ISO 9002 certification in October 1998 which was upgraded to ISO 9001 in 2001, which has been maintained since. Our latest ISO certification is ISO 9001:2015 OUR SERVICES Basic services: Cutting of complex contoured sheet parts of normal steel, acid-proof steel or aluminum using laser, nibbling or water jet cutting technology. Cutting of other materials (Copper, Glass, Marble, etc.) using water jet cutting technology We undertake accurate nibbling of precious parts using CNC nibbling machines. Precise bending of complex parts. Design and production of 3D prototypes and models. Production of semi-materials. Additional services: Production of unique orders or orders of small quantity. Welding, spot welding. Shearing. Contract manufacturing. Surface treatment Flexible delivery. We are committed to: Accuracy and precision. Customer-focused administration. Competitive prices.
German-Hungarian Sheet Metal Fabrication Ltd.
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